Al Faw Grand Port

Al Faw Grand Port is an Iraqi port which will be built soon on the coast of the Al Faw in the area of Ras al-Bayshah. The Iraqi Government decided to build the port according to Italian design. This will be a port of the largest ports in the region consists of (100) and pavement specialist will return to Iraq, a major economic as described.

The minister said that the port would be set up in several stages, with the first phase will include the establishment of (11) quays all equipment at the cost of the first phase of $ 6.5 million and the second phase includes the creation of 10 platforms, including eight container cranes and the other for the cost of $66 million, while the third phase includes the completion of the remaining sidewalks and cleaning the site of the mines and plants in Aguarq and water, linking the port network of roads and the cost of 5,770 million dollars.

The minister said that the financing of the project will be through investment and that the Ministry will receive bids up to the second of October next will be assigned to the project company in the month of November (November) this year. He added that Iraqi companies will be carried out some work on the operation of the port in addition to the nearly (300) thousand of the Iraqi workforce.

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